About CPI

Computational Physics, Inc. was founded to perform scientific research and use its findings to characterize radiation properties of the Earth's upper atmosphere and develop new remote sensing techniques for better understanding the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. Today, CPI continues to be active in these areas but has broadened its work to also address remote sensing of the Earth's complete environment, including the terrain, oceans, the lower and middle atmospheres (including clouds), ionospheric effects on signals, data assimilation techniques for specification of the state of the global ionosphere, software architectures using object-oriented concepts for distributed processing, and architectures and techniques for integration of satellite ground data processing systems.

GMD Team

Our team, with its external partners, has extensive experience in geophysical and electric field modeling. Our members have worked within government agencies to develop conductivity maps, participated in the NERC GMD Task Force, and built electric field models. We have worked with power system owners and operators to do GIC risk analyses and prepare for GMD compliance with upcoming FERC regulations. We are committed to serving the power grid community in understanding and preparing for GMD.