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Geomagnetic Disturbance Hazards

Understanding The Electric Fields That Drive GICs

Electric fields induced during geomagnetic storms cause geomagnetically-induced currents (GICs) in the bulk power system.

GICs can damage or prematurely age transformer assets. The hazard varies greatly from location to location and is dependent on local geology.

Get the answers you need to AVERT the hazard.

Quebec Event

A significant storm that occurred in March of 1989 proved the potential for catastrophic effects of GICs. Large-scale electric field enhancement due to space weather effects caused cascading transformer failures and wide spread blackouts in the Quebec province of Canada.

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What is AVERT?

CPI's AVERT is the only available model to accurately estimate the electric field using regional and local data.

Electric field maps are conveniently output in a format compatible with power system modeling tools, such as PowerWorld.

AVERT is accurate, locally relevant, and customizable to customer needs.


Reference Event Analysis

Need insight into how the FERC benchmark GMD event would impact broad geographical regions?
We can provide magnetic and electric time series for the reference event for each physiographic region in the United States.
Let us help you understand the implications of the TPL-007-1 standard

Customized AVERT Reference Event Analysis

GMD events typically cover a very broad area. However, there can be very localized regions that experience higher electric field intensities.
If you need to understand how the reference event would impact your exact location, we can provide customized electric field time series at a given latitude and longitude.

Customized AVERT Historical Analysis

Knowing GIC hazard conditions in the past can help you understand how your system will react to GMD in the future.
We can provide electric field intensities for historical geomagnetic storms, such as the 1989 Quebec Event, at your specific location.

Real time Demo

GIC hazard conditions can change rapidly. Many operators use the K index from SWPC to get predictive alerts, but it is difficult to forecast how an impending GMD event will affect local systems. Making operational decisions requires actionable information at your location.

Check out our real-time GIC hazard map demo, or explore other options for monitoring.

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Stay updated on new products and services.