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Geomagnetic Disturbance Monitoring

Know current conditions and plan for the future

Actionable information on the ground is necessary to make decisions to act on space weather induced GIC events.

Understand how GIC currents are prematurely aging your transformers and be prepared to take action should a large-scale event occur.

Actively monitor GIC localized impacts in real time.

Space Hazard Monitors (SHMs)

Understanding local GIC conditions can give utility operators the data they need to make informed decisions. SHMs placed at your location stream local data to AVERT for real-time electric field analysis.

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Monitor, Plan, Mitigate

The age, and therefore susceptibility to loss, of the transformer contributes to the potential catastrophic effects of GIC. Any out-of-spec current induced in a transmission system prematurely ages a transformer and increases the likelihood that it will overload during the next large event. Therefore, the need to understand local GIC impacts is not limited to catastrophic events.

Given knowledge of an impending GIC event, there are many things that a utility operator can do to prepare their system. Federal resources may give utilities a two day warning of potential solar activity, however, actionable information on the ground is necessary to make the decision to act on appropriate system posturing.

With our partners, we can provide magnetic and electric field measurements in real time, and site-specific conductivity analysis to give you actionable localized information.


Space Hazard Monitors

CPI, in collaboration with GIC Magnetics, introduces Space Hazard Monitors for estimating GIC hazard level due to GMDs.
By measuring magnetic and electric fields in real time, you get actionable information, specific to your location.
Measured magnetic field data can be streamed in real time directly to AVERT for electric field modeling over larger areas.

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Stay updated on new products and services.