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Geomagnetic Disturbance Risk

Asset-specific GIC Risk Assessment

GICs flowing along electric power transmission lines are produced from induced electric fields on the surface of the Earth.

Transformers exposed to even moderate currents due to GIC experience premature aging. Over time they may overload and melt, shedding excess power to neighboring transformers and systems.

Understand the GIC risk.

Assess the Risk

The orientation of long transmission lines, the core type of transformer equipment and the grounding characteristics of substations all play a role in the amount of GIC that is experienced by an individual power system during a given storm.

Once the GMD hazard conditions are known for a reference event or an example storm, the GIC induced in a long line can be estimated for specific system layouts.

CPI's domain expertise and innovative modeling tools can help you assess your individual risk.

What is the impact of GMD on my system?

Each power system is unique and may respond to GMD conditions differently. Know how your assets will react to large events before they happen.

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Consulting on TPL-007-1

Need help on the geophysical modeling aspect of TPL-007-1?
Consult with our domain experts to answer any questions you may have getting started. We can also provide support for detailed analysis.

Localized Electric Field Maps

Understanding the GIC risk and how your system responds to that risk requires realistic electric field input.
AVERT can generate localized electric field maps based on actual measured regional data as input to your system modeling tools.

Under development - Localized GIC Risk Indices

We are developing local risk indices that can be used to monitor the likelihood of GIC in real time.
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Stay updated on new products and services.