Monitor, Analyze, Protect.



Designed for TPL-007,

we monitor local GIC hazard conditions.

Our magnetometer installations provide high-quality, secure 1Hz measurements of the geomagnetic field and local space weather conditions in real-time.


Industry-grade magnetometers

Built for long-term deployment, these installations provide low-noise, real-time measurements of rapid changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

Built for TPL-007

Talk with us about more options for TPL-007 compliance.


Solar-powered and remotely-installable.


Less than a second latency.

Secure data

Over long-range wireless ethernet.

Pricing options

How much it will cost

Each installation is different. We can work with you to determine the best site locations and ensure high-quality data.

Contact us for a quote.


  • We handle everything - installation, maintenance, and data storage.
  • Full on-site installation.
  • Monitoring to ensure data quality and up-time.
  • Data access in real-time and through web-based download.
  • Change to on-site hosting at any time.


  • You own it and manage it. Installation on-site included.
  • Option of communication hardware - SEL ethernet modem or cell phone network.
  • Operational data system and access set up on your machines.

Custom solutions

  • We can work with your unique siting concerns.
  • Integration with EMS, Pi, and SCADA systems.
  • Data subscriptions or other data access options.


  • Analysis of magnetic data quality for existing systems.
  • Site selection assistance.
  • Options for data transmission to meet cybersecurity requirements.
Related Projects

MagStar Array

Funded by NSF (NSF-1933040) through the Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments (DASI) solicitation, the MagStar Array uses industrialized, high-quality, real-time, operational magnetometers US for space weather and geospace environment monitoring